The Paris Chamber of Notaries

Creation for greeting card of The Paris Chamber of Notaries.

La Poste, travel notebook

Written and illustrated by Bernard Johner. Containing 58 illustrated pages, 10 of which are illustrated gummed paper sheets. They enhance the stamps of the range « France to see 2007 », which was sold in 30 000 copies.

His travel diary earned him an interview in the “Philaposte” catalog published by La Poste, 2006/2007

Chiron Publishers, comic strip

B. JOHNER made the illustrations of 3 albums, written by Denys Ferrando-Durfort, at Chiron Publishers : Lat. Dior the fighter, Pokou the lady-founder, Djoya the founder in 1989.

Bias Publishers, comic strip

This is an extract from the first comic strip in which B. JOHNER made illustrations : Minigri le plus joli chat de Paris, Bias Publishers. A 36 pages album, published in 1969.
The texts are written by Mrs Ghislaine LARAMÉE.

Arts Practice, Magazine

Bernard Johner gives his advice and detailed lessons in technical sheets of this magazine.

References of the issues in which his articles appear :
• N°59, L’art de la copie : Vermeer, La jeune fille à la perle
• N°62, Divers effets et usage de la patine
• N°64, Copie de Corot, Le Pont de Narni
• N°65, Paysage à l’huile
• N°68, Géométrie du visage, au crayon de couleur sanguine
• N°69, Copie de Quarton, La Pietra d’Avignon (détail)
• N°82, Copie du Portrait de Pierre Sériziat, par David
• Hors serie N°7, “Les secrets du copiste”, Vermeer, La jeune fille à la perle

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