Bernard JOHNER was born in Casablanca (Morocco) in 1944. He developed from his early age a passion for drawing and painting and was therefore given his first artistic instruction from the age of 15 by the Spanish master Bermejo ABENZA (of the Fine Arts of Madrid). He enters the National School for Fine Arts (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts) in Paris where he studies for five years under the influence of well-known painters such as André TONDU and Maurice BRIANCHON.

He graduates in Drawing and Painting (he got a merit in his exam) and then wins many prizes.

After which he develops a passion for other techniques while carrying on painting and exhibiting :
– Comic strip, (Minigris le plus joli chat de Paris, Bias Publishers).
– Sculpture (stone and timber). He is invited to the 1st Symposium of Sculpture in Spain, organized by the Spanish artist Pedro TRAMULLAS in 1975. On this occasion he makes a sculpture for the museum of Hecho (Huesca).

He stays several months in Barcelona where he meets again his Master B. ABENZA. He improves his knowledge of painting doing copy work of old paintings (Flemish painters).

His technique, his know-how, his eclecticism, his fondness for discovering new techniques all contribute to the variety of his works which range from figurative, abstract work.
Let’s also mention his significant contribution to specific magazines as an adviser on different techniques and that commission from La Poste in 2007 for a travel journal. (clic there).

In September 2012, he exhibited at CHANEL Ginza Tokyo (Japan) ) whose main theme was :
Japon à Pinceau Levé (To see the restrospective, clic there).

Since his comeback from Japon, he remake sculpture.

You can find works by B. JOHNER in France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Morocco, the United States, Japan, China…

  • Galerie 55Bellechasse Paris, Exposition N°46
  • American Hospital of Paris, Rêve de Japon
  • CHANEL (Tokyo), Japon à pinceau levé
  • Peintures et sculptures d’Europe et d’Asie
  • ARTECONTE Gallery, Paris
  • Contemporary Art Museum « Pajar de Agustin », Hecho (Spain)
  • Adac (Paris Cultural Association), Paris
  • At the “Shrewsbury Animal Hospital” Boston (USA)
  • BNP (Paris National Bank), Biarritz
  • Gallery of the Chiron Editors, Paris
  • Bou Gallery, Decazeville
  • Raub Gallery, Brest
  • Adac (Paris Cultural Association), Paris
  • Ballancout exhibition (91), Guest of honour
  • Orly airport Art Fair
  • Raspail Gallery, Paris
  • IBM company, Corbeille Essonne
  • Namur cultural centre, Belgium
  • Rueil-Malmaison Summer festival
  • Marrakech cultural centre, Morocco
  • Rabat cultural centre, Morocco
  • « Entrelacs » (Nuit Blanche) Hospital of la Pitié-Salpêtrière and et la Cité de refuge de la fondation Armée du Salut, Paris 13
  • « Mémoires de Papier n°1 » 55 Bellechasse Gallery, Paris
  • « Sans Sens ? » (Nuit Blanche) Hospital of la Pitié-Salpêtrière, Paris 13
  • Exhibition of Europe & Asia paintings at « La Passerelle des Arts » in Chaville (Paris suburbs)
  • French-Japanese Artists exhibition at the Bertin Poirée Cultural complex, Paris
  • « Floating Show-Room » Arteconte Gallery, Paris
  • Autumn Art Fair, Paris
  • Gobelins Art Fair, Paris
  • Autumn Art Fair, Paris
  • French artists Art Fair, Paris
  • Gobelins Art Fair, Paris
  • Autumn Art Fair, Paris
  • French artists Art Fair, Paris
  • Gallery of the Chiron Editors, Paris
  • Autumn Art Fair, Paris
  • French artists Art Fair, Paris
  • Art Fair in Mantes la jolie (Paris suburbs)
  • Gobelins exhibition, Paris
  • Autumn Art Fair, Paris
  • Art Fair in Mantes la jolie (Paris suburbs)
  • Autumn Art Fair, Paris
  • French artists Art Fair, Paris
  • Laforêt Museum, Tokyo (Japan)
  • Autumn Art Fair, Paris : Portrait Prize
  • Conference centre, Brussels (Belgium)
  • De Fénétrance exhibition: 6th Prize and bronze Medal
  • French artists Art Fair, Paris: « Pillini Prize»
  • « French Riviera Grand Prix », Portrait Prize
  • « Grand Palais », Paris « critical figurative painting »
  • Amsterdam Airport Holland
  • Bourges Exhibition : Grand Prix
  • Contemporary Art exhibition, New York: « vermeil Medal »
  • Dauville Exhibition : honorary Award
  • French artists Art Fair, Paris : « Marie Puisoye Prize »
  • Lilas Golden Star : Certificate of honour
  • Orly airport Art Fair
  • Contemporary Art exhibition, New York
  • French artists Art Fair, Paris : « Elsenard Prize »
  • Autumn Art Fair, Paris
  • Colette Dubois Gallery, Paris
  • Contemporary Art exhibition, New York : Silver Medal
  • French artists Art Fair, Paris
  • Jura Third Grand Prix: bronze Medal
  • La Roche Guyon Castle : Certificate of honour
  • Montpellier : special distinction
  • 10th Nice carnival: 2nd Prize and Silver Medal
  • Autumn Art Fair, Paris
  • Colmar Contemporary Art Fair : 3rd Prize
  • Fine Arts Centre Gallery, Paris
  • French artists Art Fair, Paris : Talents Prize
  • French Riviera Prize Exhibition : 3rd bronze Medal
  • Inter Art Fair, Avignon : Certificate of honour
  • Quebec Contemporary Art exhibition (Canada)
  • Saverne Contemporary Art : 4th Prize
  • First International Symposium of Sculpture, Hecho (Spain)
  • Leonardo Saragosse Gallery « sculptors of the valley of Hecho »
  • Museum of « ALTO ARAGO » of Huesca, Spain
  • Modern Art Museum of Hecho, Spain (
  • Copy for la maison Mercier-Frères (Paris), In Saudi Arabia and Morocco
  • School of Fine Arts of Paris
  • The Paris Chamber of Notaries
  • Hôtel d’Albion, Paris (
  • Collections Privés : France, U.S.A., Spain, Germany, Japan, Algeria…
  • 1st prize of painting, « Exhibition of Europe & Asia paintings », Chaville (Paris suburbs)
  • Silver medal of Paris city.
  • 6th Prize and bronze Medal, Fénétrance Art Fair
  • «Pillini Prize» and Portrait Prize, French Artists Art Fair
  • Portrait Prize at the French Riviera Grand Prix
  • Guest of honour, Ballancout exhibition (91)
  • « Marie Puisoye Prize», French artists Art Fair, Paris
  • Bourges Exhibition Grand Prix
  • Honorary Award, Dauville Exhibition
  • «Vermeil Medal», Contemporary Art exhibition, New York
  • Certificate of honour at the Lilas Golden Star Fair
  • « Prix Elsenard », Salon des Artistes Français
  • Silver Medal, Contemporary Art exhibition, New-York
  • Bronze Medal, Jura Third Grand Prix
  • Member of the Contemporary Art exhibition
  • 2nd Prize and Silver Medal, 10th Nice carnival
  • Certificate of honour, La Roche Guyon Castle
  • Special distinction in Montpellier
  • Certificate of Honour, Inter Art Fair of Avignon
  • Talents Prize, French artists Art Fair, Paris
  • 4th Prize, Saverne Contemporary Art
  • 3rd Prize, Colmar Contemporary Art Fair
  • 3rd bronze Medal, French Riviera Prize Exhibition
  • National Art School of Paris: graduated in drawing and painting. Pass with 80% (magna cum laude)
  • Competitions: Attainville (2nd Medal), Fortin d’Ivry (3rd Medal), Studio competition (1st Medal)